Australian cricket news 2022: John Buchanan, ‘cowards’ blast on Justin Langer, Pat Cummins

After the Cowards’ rampage, former coach John Buchanan contacted Justin Langer and urged his protege to stand his ground. Here’s why.

Former Australian coach John Buchanan sent a quote from Dr Seuss to Justin Langer in the hope he would stop the uncivil war in Cricket.

Langer is the talk of Australian cricket after an interview with CODE Sports this week detailed his views on his sloppy performance as head coach of the Australian men’s team.

Buchanan, Langer’s mentor for two decades, sent two quotes to his protégé.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who think don’t matter, and those who matter don’t,” is the first from American children’s book author Dr. Seuss.

Second, from Oscar Wilde, “whoever you are, everybody takes.”

“I haven’t talked to him — I’ve only texted him — but I hope he tries to change the system,” Buchanan said.

“I hope he maintains that desire.”

“Those who know Justin know what’s underneath. He is a perfect person. He demands it from himself and others.

“So he says, ‘I want these consultations.’ I want these strong confrontations.

“Justin was passionate about accountability, open conversations, team culture and consistency in choices. He was doing just that, and it paid off big in his final season.

“What makes him angry is that he took the advice, changed and got the results and still wasn’t good enough. So the system rewarded the wrong set of values.

“I think he was let down by the players, but more importantly by Cricket Australia until Pat Cummins came out of the IPL series but said he needed to freshen up and couldn’t go to the West Indies (for the one-day tour). If I were Justin, I would I would urge Pat to go to the West Indies.

“There’s a lot of noise around the mix. If players don’t hear what they want from one sound, they’ll try another. People play against each other.

“Look, I’m a big fan of Justin. Even if it is the right way, it is his way.”

Asked if he regretted Langer’s hustle, Buchanan said: “Maybe, but he’s also a media commentator (now for Channel 7).

“Cricket Australia won’t say that, but I’m sure they’ll be happy because suddenly it speaks to the potential of a series that didn’t have a lot of potential.”

Robert CraddockGreat sports journalist

Robert ‘Crash’ Craddock is considered one of Queensland’s foremost authorities on the sport. ‘Crash’ is a senior sports journalist and columnist for The Courier-Mail and can be seen on Fox Cricket.