At least as easy with Albanese and nothing as sleazy

We are all, on average, 3% poorer each year under the Morrison government. Founder and publisher Dave Donovan debunks the “coalition is better economic manager” theory.

AUSTRALIA’S MAIN MEDIA has echoed the Government’s claim that the economy is in excellent shape.

Journalists have also been amplifying that tired old Howard-era bluster that the economy will always be better under the Coalition than it is under Labour.

‘It won’t be easy with Albanese’ is the new slogan. The last election, they had Shorten’s ‘The Bill Australia Can’t Afford’. And the mainstream media is diligently trying to trap Albanese with stuck questions, each one more irrelevant than the last.

In fact, the economy is in terrible shape and getting worse by the day. Sure, ask Anthony Albanese what the RBA’s cash rate is, which Scott Morrison also got wrong, by the way, but why not also ask questions about the details that matter? As a former banker, I can assure you that the RBA cash rate is largely ignored by banks.

7 Crucial Things We ‘Know’ About Scott Morrison That We ‘Don’t’ About Albo

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How about asking Morrison what the rate of inflation is? That is something much more important to the lives of most Australians.


The CPI usually ranges between 2 and 3% per year. When Scott Morrison took over from Malcolm Turnbull in September 2018, it was actually just 1.7%.

Now it is 5.17%.

Only in the March quarter it rose 2.1%. Since June 2020 it has risen 5.4%.

It is shooting with this Government.

(Source: ABS Consumer Price Index, March 2022)


Wage growth tends to outperform inflation, meaning that, on average, people are getting better as their money buys more. It usually ranges between 2.5% and 4.5%, and that was certainly the case during the previous Labor governments of Rudd and Gillard.

(Source: ABS – Annual salary growth increases to 2.3%)

Under the Coalition, in power since 2013, wage growth has stagnated and trended downward. Now it is at 2.3%.


Not for the likes of Morrison or the CEOs, though. Corporate profits are booming and our Prime Minister is among the top five highest paid leaders in the world.


What it means for the average person – people like you and me – is that we are all, on average, 3% poorer each year under this Government.

Which adds a sense of irony to the Coalition’s argument that “it won’t be easy under the Albanians.” The real value of our money is declining by 3% each year under the Coalition, wages are stagnant, and more and more people are in insecure jobs all the time.

House prices are absurd. The unemployment rate is apparently low, but what about underemployment? Perhaps Scott Morrison could be asked why the Australian Bureau of Statistics records people as employed when they only work one hour a week. Ask him what the rate of underemployment is in our nation.


But Morrison probably won’t be asked these questions. Perhaps because the press doesn’t want to push Morrison, or possibly because they don’t understand basic economics. Or maybe a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B.

And so instead we hear Albanese being asked about the points on page 47 of the ALP policy manifesto. And listen to weeks of comments from hair products attached to bodies about Albanese’s “mistake.”

What to do with the weak and subverted Fourth Power of Australia? I have a few ideas that seemed to strike a chord with people when I tweeted about them over the weekend. you can read more here.

I would say that the best we can do is to expel this government on May 21. Because maybe things aren’t easy with Albanese, but they couldn’t be as fiendishly bad as they are with Greasy Scott Morrison.

And they certainly won’t be as sleazy.

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