Are these two Fox News anchors breaking the company’s New York City vaccine rules?

Fox News anchors Rachel Campos-Duffy and Pete Hegseth bragged Sunday morning that they are not vaccinated, even though the network’s parent company requires all New York City employees to submit a proof of vaccination to work in person.

The Sunday morning statement, which on the surface appears to place both personalities on the air in violation of city and corporate policy, came as they were trying to push back against President Joe Biden’s joke about the hypocrisy of the vaccine. net.

During the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Sunday night, the president got perhaps his biggest laughs of the night when he took a jab at the conservative network, pointing out that in order to attend the event, everyone had to prove they had their vaccinations. COVID-19.

“Everyone had to prove that they were fully vaccinated and boosted,” he joked. “So if you’re at home watching this and wondering how to do it, just reach out to your favorite Fox News reporter, they’re all here, vaccinated and beefed up, all of them.”

While the president made it clear that he was only talking about the Fox News stars who attended the dinner, he was also clearly attacking the anti-vaccine stances taken by many of the network’s hosts and commentators.

And on Sunday morning, Campos-Duffy wanted to remind the president that even though the network’s parent company, Fox Corp., recently boasted that more than 90 percent of its workforce has been vaccinated, no everyone Fox News employees took the hit.

“They tried to make a big deal. The event said that you had to be vaccinated to be able to attend, ”she declared in fox and friends sunday. “I know, because I was invited and I didn’t go for many reasons, but that was one of them.”

The morning co-host added: “They tried to call Fox News and say ‘Look! Fox News is vaccinated! No, that’s not true!”

Pointing to Hegseth, who was sitting on the couch next to her, she pointed out that neither of them is “vaccinated.” She went on to say that “we let people choose” and therefore found Biden’s joke to be “very tongue-in-cheek.” (Again, the president was simply talking about the Fox News staff who attended the dinner.)

The irony, however, seems to lie in the fact that Fox Corp. announced in December that all company employees in New York City would have to comply with the city’s mandate that all workers in the office provide proof of vaccination by the end of that month.

All New York City workers who perform work in person at an office, including Fox employees, must show proof of having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Fox News Note

“All workers in New York City who perform in-person office work, including Fox employees, must show proof of having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine,” the company memo said.

The memo also stated that Fox employees would not be able to submit a negative COVID-19 test to skip the vaccination requirement. The company had already implemented strict vaccination protocols for all of its employees in the office, requiring them to provide vaccination status or undergo daily coronavirus testing.

As of now, New York City still has workplace vaccination requirements. “New York City workers who perform work in person or interact with the public in the course of business must demonstrate that they have received a COVID-19 vaccination,” the guideline states. “Companies may not allow any unvaccinated workers to work at their workplace.”

At the same time, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced in late March that he would lower the city’s vaccination requirements for all city athletes and entertainers. (Visiting players and performers were already exempt.) It’s possible this is the loophole these Fox News hosts are using to get around the city worker mandate.

Additionally, the city makes exceptions for those requesting “reasonable accommodations for medical or religious reasons,” adding that “businesses should record the basis for the accommodation and retain supporting documentation in accordance with the following guidance.”

Stating that they would not comment on personnel matters, a Fox News spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the network had previously said it was in full compliance with New York City’s COVID-19 policies.

Campos-Duffy and Hegseth, both strong critics of COVID-19 vaccines, have previously said on air that they are unvaccinated. In November, weeks before the company announced its New York City policy, Campos-Duffy boasted in the air that she and Hegseth had not been shot.

Also, in February, Mediaite published an article wondering how Hegseth was presenting in-studio at Fox News’ New York City location even though he apparently admitted he wasn’t vaccinated. At the time, Fox News declined to comment on how the host appeared to circumvent the company’s own policies, citing employee privacy.

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