Apple’s second-generation AirPods are $100 again

If you missed out on Apple’s second-generation AirPods when they were $100 a few weeks ago, Amazon has once again discounted them to that price. While we think most people are better off buying AirPods or 3rd-gen AirPods Pro due to their more comfortable fit, Apple’s older Bluetooth headphones still have a lot to offer iPhone owners. Like their more expensive siblings, the second-generation AirPods come with Apple’s H1 wireless chipset, which means they include features like hands-free Siri and seamless pairing with the company’s other devices.

Buy Apple AirPods at Amazon – $100 Buy Beats Studio Buds at Amazon – $99.95 Buy Apple AirPods Pro at Amazon – $175

Amazon has also discounted the Beats Studio Buds. At the moment, they are $50 off, making them $99.95. If you don’t mind the design of Beats products, they’re a better buy than second-gen AirPods. The Studio Buds come with active noise cancellation and IPX4-certified protection against sweat and moisture, two features you won’t find on Apple’s more affordable AirPods. They also feature a customizable fit with interchangeable silicone ear tips. The only thing you won’t find in the Studio Buds is Apple’s H1 chip, but they still come with one-touch pairing and hands-free Siri support.

Lastly, we will note that Amazon is still selling the AirPods Pro for $175. Although they are a few years old now, the AirPods Pro are still among the best Bluetooth headphones you can pair with an iPhone. We like them because they feature a customizable fit, IPX4 protection against sweat, and active noise cancellation.

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