Anti-kid Greg Abbott sends another bus to Philadelphia days after transporting sick girl

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Volunteers and city officials were waiting with blankets and greetings when the first bus arrived on Wednesday in an extension of Abbott’s stunt using vulnerable people as props. Philadelphia Enquirer informed. “Immigrant advocates wondered if the arrival of two buses in a row meant more would arrive this week, perhaps by Thanksgiving. Would he be sensitive enough? Of course he would.

Last week, multiple news reports said that a 10-year-old girl who fell ill was suffering from high fever and thirst and was being taken to the emergency room. Local officials, including Philadelphia councilwoman Helen Gym, were “outraged” by Abbott’s inhumanity, calling it a “terrible situation.”

Among the children who boarded the first bus were two infants. Texas Tribune informed. There were about 28 people in that bus. About 48 were transported on Monday morning.

While Texas announced the expansion of buses to Pennsylvania in an official statement, it was largely a troll — “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has long celebrated and fought for sanctuary city status, making this city an ideal addition to Texas’ list of drop-off places,” Philadelphia said. The city’s statement welcomed the families who came.

“As a proud welcoming city, we will welcome our new neighbors with dignity and respect. City agencies, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) mass care partners, immigrant leaders, and immigrant-serving nonprofits are working together to welcome, assist, and support these individuals and families,” as well as the generosity of local residents and assistance to arriving migrants. community partners running to do.

“The mood is good,” said Rep. Amen Brown of Pennsylvania Texas Tribune about incoming migrants. “They are excited to see their family members. Philly stood up.”

still, Philadelphia Enquirer At least one person who arrived early Monday morning appeared to be quite disturbed. A photo taken by the Associated Press last week showed a migrant covering his face with a piece of paper, possibly for his own safety, or being suffocated by the cameras that were shot at them by Texas. It was unclear if there was any attempt by Texas to coordinate the arrivals on Monday. Kenney said last week that his office was told to wait for arrivals, but that was about it.

The continued arrivals come as Abbott issues a white nationalist manifesto claiming he is giving himself federal powers against the alleged “occupation”. There is no invasion, just vulnerable people, like the 10-year-old girl he got stuck on the bus, who maybe wants to run for president in 2024.

These are all people processed by US immigration officials and then put on government-contracted buses. to the tune of $2,166 per person. These companies apparently felt safe enough to carry them. Federal officials felt safe enough to allow them to proceed to their U.S. destination, and Texas officials felt safe enough to approach them. So who are these “invaders” you speak of, Greg?

Notable in Philadelphia’s statement are some words about what shelters mean and why vulnerable people may be forced to move. It’s worth sharing here, especially when the public opinion seems to be that asylum is something that can be denied, when we have a law, and asking for asylum is something that people wake up one morning and decide to do.

“Families seeking asylum have arrived in Philadelphia,” the statement said. “Asylum is a form of protection available to anyone who is at serious risk of harm in their home country and who seeks safety in another country.”

“The first step for an asylum seeker is to leave their home, which is one of the most difficult decisions a person will make,” the statement said. “When they leave their countries, they have to leave behind everything they’ve known – friends, family, homes, jobs, personal belongings and a sense of security.”


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