Ancient Christian artifacts were discovered under the mosque

As I recall, most of the lands the Muslims conquered (especially in the Middle East) were once Christian. Ofc this also means that most of the Muslims were formerly Christians or other non-Muslims who were forced to convert to Islam at the point of swords around their necks.

It is unfortunate that Christianity does not include the doctrine of war and self-defense, including the total destruction of attackers/enemies.

Although I have a problem with all religions, Christianity is a far superior and more civilized religion than Islam. The world would be a better place if the Christians would destroy Islam, but unfortunately it is now upon us.

I truly believe that the final showdown between Islam and the West will definitely come. These terrorist attacks we are seeing, this aggressive thuggery to force Islam down our throats is just the beginning.

Muslims are winning this war so far, influencing the left, forcing western nations to accept millions of Muslim fighters posing as refugees, probably bribing or threatening our politicians to do their bidding.

As their numbers increase, they will probably try to overthrow democracy “legally” first, but I am sure they are also preparing for a military solution… Note that foreign countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran are not just distant lands. not interested in us.

In fact, I think they are very interested and trying to conquer us and finance terrorism and building mosques with the oil wealth we give them.

Considering how much they’ve accomplished when they’re only 5% of our population, it’s depressing to think how bad things will be when we get closer to 10-20%. In impoverished countries where the infidels are mostly weak, poor and defenseless, they declared a jihad like in Sudan, where they killed millions of Christians and other non-Muslims.

It won’t be so easy for them in the West, and we know better. I think when push comes to shove (and it will), we’ll win…but I bet a lot of innocent people will probably suffer/die first until the West finally and truly wakes up. We are still fast asleep and very lethargic. This will change when thousands, perhaps millions, of families are directly affected by Muslims.