AI conquers children in minecraft and after death

+ Scientists have found a way to mature eggs from transgender men in the lab. It could offer them new ways to start a family – without the need for a painful IVF procedure. Read the full story. + How reproductive technology is changing what it means to be a parent. Advances can give birth to children with four or more biological parents – forcing us to rethink parenthood. Read the full story.

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I’ve scoured the internet to find you today’s funniest/important/scary/interesting stories about technology.

1 Elon Musk wants to reinstate banned Twitter accounts
This is an incredibly dangerous decision with massive repercussions. (WP$)
+ Recent departures have hit Twitter’s policy and security department hard. (WSJ$)
+ It looks like Musk’s promise of no more layoffs was premature. (internal $)
+ Meanwhile, Twitter Blue is still reportedly launching next week. (Reuters)
+ Imagine migrating your followers to another platform. (FT$)
+ A potential collapse of Twitter could erase a vast record of recent human history. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Russia’s withdrawal of power could kill tens of thousands of people in Europe
This winter may cause more deaths from fuel consumption than the war in Ukraine. (Economist $)
+ As the weather worsens, higher gas prices will also hit Americans. (Vox)
+ The invasion of Ukraine underscores Europe’s deep dependence on Russian fossil fuels. (MIT Technology Review)

3 FTX is unable to honor promised grants from various agencies
Many of them are having to seek emergency funding to plug the gaps. (WSJ$)
+ Bahamians are not thrilled about what its collapse could mean for them. (WP$)

4 It’s a quieter than usual Black Friday
Shopping isn’t much of a priority right now. (Bloomberg $)
+ If you decide to make a purchase, make sure you don’t get scammed. (wired $)

5 The UK is curbing its use of Chinese surveillance systems
But only on “sensitive” government sites. (FT$)
+ The world’s biggest surveillance agency you’ve never heard of. (MIT Technology Review)

6 Long covid is still incredibly difficult to treat
Its symptoms are wild, which can also make it difficult to track down. (darkness)
+ A universal flu vaccine looks promising. (New Scientist $)

7 San Francisco police are considering letting robots use deadly force
The force has 12 remotely operated robots that can theoretically kill anyone. (edge)

8 Human hibernation could be the key to getting us to Mars
This is the closest we can get to time travel. (wired $)

9 Why TikTok Is Suddenly So Obsessed With Doubloons
It’s a form of choose-your-own-adventure fun. (parent)

10 We can’t stop trying to reinvent the mousetrap 🧀
There are thousands of versions out there, yet we keep coming up with new designs. (New Yorker $)