After Two Mass Shootings, Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Want to Say the Word “Gun” – Mother Jones

Kendall Warner/Associated Press

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In less than 10 days, there have been two mass shootings in two different cities in Virginia. On November 13, three students at the University of Virginia were killed when a classmate shot them after a field trip. On Tuesday, a suspected gunman opened fire in a Walmart restroom, killing at least six people and wounding four others, before allegedly killing himself.

But does Glenn Youngkin know any of this?

In several statements responding to the shootings, the state’s Republican governor condemned the acts of violence. He also had heartache and long prayers. In one interview On Fox News, Youngkin, again using a familiar Republican talking point, blamed the scourge of mass shootings on a “mental health crisis.”

But as many have pointed out, Youngkin seems to have completely avoided the words gun and armed when describing both shootings. In fact, a quick search of his tweets revealed that Youngkin, at least from his official social media account, has never referred to the words “guns, guns or armed.”

But here’s a roundup of what he said after the November shootings:

You won’t hear the word pistol from Youngkin.

Of course, Youngkin has never been shy about his pro-Second Amendment views. A self-described lifetime member From the NRA, Youngkin has remained almost silent on gun control. When CBS Mornings asked him in June about red flag laws and background checks, Youngkin claimed he was not familiar with any policies to officially weigh in on.