AFL Top 100: round 8 recap

Round 8 lacked its share of close games, but some upsets and blowouts helped define some positions in the last eight, but left us guessing about others.

Four teams now look safe; Melbourne, Fremantle, Brisbane and Carlton, and the next four down, are doing enough to shake off any challengers, although Port Adelaide, with three wins in a row, have not given up yet despite a low percentage.

Collingwood, Hawthorn and Adelaide will be the big improvers (although the Crows performed poorly this round) but they seem to lack the human power or consistency to mount a serious challenge and Essendon, Greater Western Sydney and Western Bulldogs will win enough games to keep The punters are guessing, and the Gold Coast, North Melbourne and West Coast Eagles will be concentrating on the 2023 season.

Among the individual players in the Round, Tom Lynch was once again among the top scorers. After his seven goals last week (which put him in the AFL’s top 100 all-time scorers), he kicked another six in Round 8 to show he’s a man in a hurry to move up the kicking list. he had to share the honors. with Charlie Curnow (Carlton) and “Two-Metre Peter” Wright (Essendon), who also shared some individual highlights.

For Wright, as part of Bomber’s impressive fourth-quarter comeback, he surpassed the 50-goal mark and finished the day with 52.

Curnow became the 91st blue to score over 100 goals, and again jumped into Carlton’s top 100 list, beating seven players including Jon Dorovitch, Lachie Henderson, Rod Gault and Fraser Brown.

On Lynch’s part, his six goals meant he was tied for the AFL list with Melbourne’s Fred Fanning, the only player to kick 18 goals in a VFL/AFL game.

Fanning did so in his last match for Melbourne in Round 19 of 1947 and finished the year with 97 goals. Fanning joined Hamilton Football Club in the Western District Football League as captain-manager in 1948, after being offered three times the salary he earned. he was receiving in Melbourne, proving that quality footballers could attract big money, even 75 years ago. This appointment caused a split in the club and the Hamilton Imperials were founded.

Jack Gunston (Hawthorn) avoided being outplayed by Lynch by scoring twice in Hawthorn’s capitulation to Essendon. As a result, he tied South Melbourne’s triple medalist Brownlow with 412 goals for 97th on the VFL/AFL list of most career goals.

A number of other goalscoring achievements occurred during the round, including Melbourne’s Tom McDonald’s 150th goal in his 200th game, Aaron Naughton’s four goals which saw him rise rapidly up the Western Bulldog kicking list where he overtook Charlie Page, Simon Garlick, and Jason Akermanis. to tie with Merv Hobbs and Lachlie Schultz’s 50 goals for Fremantle.

For several players, Round 8 provided the thrill of their first goal in AFL football, an achievement always enthusiastically recognized by their teammates. In Jye Amiss’s case, it was 2 goals in his first AFL game at Fremantle. He was

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