AFL 2022, Jordan De Goey: Collingwood star, free agency deals, Geelong enters contract circus

The Jordan De Goey saga has been turned upside down by suggestions that the Collingwood star has privately cooled off with the club.

The Jordan De Goey saga appears to have taken another dramatic turn with suggestions that the Collingwood star is mad at her own pup.

De Goey’s future has become cloudier this week after his video scandal at a Bali nightclub, in which the football club issued him a $25,000 suspension.

De Goey has been placed on personal leave by the club as he deals with the fallout from his mid-year trip abroad.

De Goey and the club issued a video message on Friday apologizing for his actions.

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That video followed his original comments in a club statement where he said: “The actions shown in the video are disrespectful and I accept that I have betrayed the trust the club showed in me.”

That statement was a dramatic throwback from her first statement posted on Instagram, where she criticized the media for “the relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes.”

It has now been suggested that De Goey is unhappy at the club, with SEN radio reporting that he was “forced” to make the apology message.

Football journalist Sam Edmund said on Saturday that he agreed with AFL 360 presenter Gerard Whateley’s speculation that De Goey is “so mad at Collingwood that he has no interest in walking through the gates at the moment.”

De Goey will miss the Magpies’ Round 15 clash with GWS at the MCG on Sunday but is expected to return to the club next week.

It is a significant change in history. It comes after Collingwood manager Craig McRae said this week that he had been unable to reach De Goey when he phoned him in recent days. He said he spoke with de Goey once before the 26-year-old was granted indefinite leave.

“They call it mental health leave, but it could easily be described as anger leave,” Edmund said.

“Not surprising given his statement about ‘this persecution, the relentless persecution by the media has to end.’ And then you do a full 180 and then turn around and say you take full responsibility for your actions in a video that the Collingwood football club is forcing you to make.

“That is a huge face change that the player has had to swallow in a short period of time. Hence the delay in all this coming to light. I think it could absolutely run the narrative that Jordan De Goey is not happy with Collingwood.”

He said De Goey’s anger is with the club’s “suits” and not the football department.

Asked if De Goey will be at the club next year, Edmund said: “Not unless his anger heals or subsides at Collingwood.

“And there is a school of thought that maybe Collingwood is happy to let him go, given that there is compensation from the fee agency that would come back to the other side.”

Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson and reporter Sam McClure also said this week that they believe De Goey will leave the club at the end of the season.

Collingwood chief executive Mark Anderson this week the club closed contract negotiations with De Goey until the end of the year.

Reports claim that the club took out a four-year contract extension worth up to $3.2 million.

He has thrown the AFL signing and free agency market into overdrive with St Kilda manager Brett Ratten leading from the front with a public admission that the club has an interest in pursuing de Goey.

North Melbourne, Geelong and Port Adelaide have also said publicly that they would consider signing De Goey. Essendon is also reported to be in a position to make a play.

Meanwhile, in the video De Goey posted on Friday night, he also apologized for appearing to be hiding behind his ADHD diagnosis as a reason for his behavior.

“Obviously, you’ve seen it with the ADHD stuff that came up in the first place, I just wanted to say that’s not an excuse for my behavior at all,” he said.

“I just wanted people to know that I was dealing with some things during the first half of this year and now as well. It’s something I’m learning a lot about.

“I’m not a perfect person, I don’t think I ever will be. But I hope I can make some changes so that these errors don’t happen again. And for that alone I would like to apologize once again.”

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