Acting Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands nominated to replace Fahie

MEXICO CITY: Acting Prime Minister of the British Virgin Islands, Natalio Wheatley, said on Wednesday (May 4) that he has been nominated to take over as prime minister, in light of the drug arrest of Prime Minister-elect Andrew Fahie in Miami last week.

Wheatley said in a Facebook Live address that efforts are underway to get Fahie to resign.

“I never contemplated that the leadership of the British Virgin Islands would arrive so soon or in these circumstances,” Wheatley said. “There is tremendous work to be done, and the fate of the British Virgin Islands hangs in the balance.”

Fahie, 51, was arrested at a Miami airport along with the managing director of the territory’s Ports Authority, Oleanvine Maynard, according to a US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) complaint.

Fahie’s arrest came the day before a commission of inquiry recommended that the British Virgin Islands, a UK overseas territory, suspend its constitution and assembly due to dishonesty in government.

His defense has called for his immediate release on the grounds that he has diplomatic immunity as the elected leader of the British Virgin Islands.

Wheatley said he had been nominated by the country’s leadership body to take the job, but will need to be formally appointed and await Fahie’s resignation before he can take office.

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