A mother allegedly kills a 9-month-old baby for crying uncontrollably while injecting him with pesticide

A woman in Trinidad and Tobago has allegedly killed her 9-month-old baby after becoming frustrated by the child’s constant crying.

The incident took place in Princes Town, located in the south of the island of Trinidad. Preliminary reports indicated that her mother became angry when the girl would not stop crying and injected her with a poisonous substance.

A nurse reported the incident to local police after the girl was taken to the Princess Town Health Center in an unconscious state, Newsday reported.

The minor was examined and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital, where she was declared dead.

The mother reportedly injected the baby with insecticide, according to Writeups 24. When police arrived at the hospital, the mother admitted what she had done.

She said the incident happened when she was with the baby and her 10-year-old son.

After injecting the insecticide, the unidentified woman left the baby on the bed. When she returned, she found the child unresponsive, after which the woman called an ambulance and took the baby to hospital.

Police told local media they recovered a syringe, a baby bottle and a 250ml bottle marked with the insecticide Malathion from the woman’s home.

An autopsy will reveal the baby’s exact cause of death and an investigation into the incident is currently underway.

Authorities said the mother has been arrested. However, the charges against him have not been revealed.

Last week, a mother with a history of mental illness drowned her three children in New York City. The bodies of three children under the age of seven were found on a beach. The victims were identified as 3-month-old Oliver Bondarev, 4-year-old Lilana Merdy and 7-year-old Zachary Merdy. Erin Merdy, 30, was arrested and taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Police began searching for the children after family members called 911 to say that Erin may have done something to hurt her children. The children’s bodies were found at the water’s edge just three blocks from where Erin lived. Her mother, Jacqueline Scott, 56, spoke to local media after her daughter’s arrest, describing her as a “good mother.” She said her daughter “may have been going through postpartum depression.”

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