911 dispatcher charged with hanging up store clerk during shooting call in Buffalo

A 911 dispatcher has been placed on leave and could lose her job after she allegedly hung up on a supermarket clerk who was hiding during this weekend’s shooting in Buffalo, New York.

The Erie County Executive’s Office told NBC News that the dispatcher who took the call is on administrative leave pending a disciplinary hearing scheduled for the week of May 30 where “rescission will be sought.”

An internal investigation began Sunday, the day after the shooting, and the employee was furloughed the following day.

The dispatcher was employed by the county for eight years, said office spokesman Peter Anderson.

An assistant office manager at Tops Friendly Market, where a white gunman killed 10 black people on Saturday, told The Buffalo News she was whispering during the 911 call because she feared the shooter would hear her.

The store clerk alleges the dispatcher yelled at him, asked why he was whispering, and then hung up. The employee said she had to call her boyfriend and tell her to call 911 and report the shooting.

Anderson told the Associated Press that it’s unclear who hung who.

A message was left with the union that represents Buffalo’s 911 dispatchers.

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