8 Affordable Scams for Trendy Luxury Items for Summer 2022

These products are hot, but the price is higher.

TikTok is full of ‘It Girl’ this and ‘That Girl’ that, which is aspirational yet mostly incredibly unattainable.

For those who live in Vancouver and want to be a part of this movement while still paying rent, we need to find affordable alternatives and trade in the luxury products that social media makes us feel like we need. We don’t need them, by the way, but you can find a balance between indulging yourself and emulating the airbrushed sparkly girls.

As summer fast approaches, TikTok and Instagram are losing their minds over these eight fashion and beauty products, so we searched the internet top to bottom to find the best affordable cheats so we too can be “It Girls”. But on a budget.

celine sunglasses

Celine Triomphe 01 sunglasses are the most expensive example of a larger trend of oval glasses. They are elegant, sophisticated and wearing them makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn in Rome or New York or anywhere, really.

A great alternative to the $570 glasses are these Le Specs Work It sunglasses that will set you back around $90. The Otta Love sunglasses are also a pretty close cheat and a bit cheaper, but they are a bit slimmer than the original Celine design.

That Skims Matching Set

Every ‘It Girl’ has at least one matching outfit and Skims cream shorts and tank top are the ultimate “who am I? No, I woke up like this” effortlessly. Unfortunately, the two items add up to nearly $200.

Pretty Little Things had a near-perfect duplicate for a fraction of the price, but it’s (obviously) out of stock, so in case they don’t restock I’ve found the next best thing.

Storets has a shorts, tank top and cardigan three piece set in lilac which is also a color of the moment and the whole set is $118. I like it better than the Skims set because it won’t throw lint everywhere when you wash it and it is much more breathable for summer weather.

Dior lip oil

Dior lip oil went viral on TikTok for enhancing natural lip color and giving “10 out of 10 shine.” Not only are most of the shades sold out at Sephora, but the 6-milliliter container is $45, making it unnecessary gloss for many people.

The Revolution Pro Eternal Rose Lip Oil is almost exactly the same as the Dior except the doe applicator is a bit smaller and less puffy, and at $12 it’s silly much more affordable.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade ‘Pillow Talk’ has its own dedicated following and has powered entire collections from the British-based make-up artist.

I have to admit, this is my go-to lipstick, but for those who can’t justify the $40 price tag for a single tube of lipstick, there are some great scams out there.

MAC Velvet Teddy is a wonderful alternative and is a much more reasonable $25. There are also drugstore knockoffs like Maybelline Color Sensational in the shade Almond Rose or Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon in Lead the Way.

The Dyson Air Wrap

Ask any ‘It Girl’ how she achieves beautiful beachy waves or the fresh look and the answer will always be the Dyson Airwrap followed by her own deflated sigh. The $700+ hair system is nice, but can it really be life-changing enough to justify the price?

Amazon has a huge victim who also appeared on a Forbes list. The INGLAM 4-in-1 blower brush looks and has almost all of the same components as the Dyson with some pretty good reviews. People say the elements can get really hot, so it’s important to apply a heat-protective treatment to your hair before you use it, but it’s $183 for a blow dryer, diffuser, palette, wand, and two brushes. to comb

The Loewe basket tote bag

Loewe’s basket tote has a great coastal granny vibe and is the perfect summer beach accessory. They come in a variety of sizes and styles with different shades of raffia, palm leaf, and calfskin. The classic design is the most versatile; Unfortunately, the smallest size is $750.

Luckily, Mango has created two sizes that look identical to Loewe’s classic basket bags, and the smallest is $100. They also have a collection of wicker and raffia bags that are inspired by Loewe but expand them for different types of people with more modern and geometric influences.

The colorful heels of Prada and Versace

Both Prada and Versace have collections of brightly colored chunky heels that would be perfect for summer. For obvious reasons, they are priced outside of most people’s markets. Which is a shame because they resemble the shoes my Bratz dolls used to wear (in a good way).

All Ego shoes are a statement of intent and could easily be mistaken for a designer label, but these chunky Versace loafers in particular (could also be platform loafers from Valentino) are what ‘It Girl’ dreams are made of. . I highly recommend looking at all of his shoes as they have duplicates for almost all of Prada’s summer shoes and then some.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc fragrance has been named one of this summer’s fragrances by ‘It Girls’ alongside Maison Margiela’s Walk on the Beach. Both share notes of coconut, Tom Ford also contains floral amber, and Maison Margiela contains pink pepper, bergamot, and Ylang-Ylang. The perfumes are also priced from $87 to $344.

Dossier perfumes explicitly state which luxury fragrances inspire them and then create similar scents at a more accessible price point, their powdered coconut fragrance is a Tom Ford hoax, and aquatic coconut is an alternative to Maison Margiela. They cost $39 a bottle.

Bonus: Meet me in Paris

A crucial piece of the ‘It Girl’ lifestyle is jet-setting. It seems that these women always travel to fashionable cities and take pictures with perfect poses. But we’ve got you covered for that too. Last week, our travel journalist announced that flights to Paris from Vancouver were $646 roundtrip, making that part affordable as well.

Be sure to follow our travel section for more opportunities to live out your It Girl dreams.

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