38-year-old Child Protective Services Victims of Wrongful Prosecution pardoned, Paul Craig Roberts

38 years ago Gerald Amirault, his sister Cheryl and his mother Violet were framed by totally corrupt prosecutors and a totally corrupt media. All of this was governed by the Child Protective Services Act passed by Congress in 1980.

Emotional “child advocates” argued that it was common for parents to sexually abuse and beat their children to discipline them. After the act was passed and CPS offices were established across the United States with the authority to take children away from their parents, the bureaucracy needed child abusers to justify its existence. As few abuses materialized, the bureaucracy was desperate for allegations and turned the most absurd expression of the youngest child and bruises from childhood play into evidence of abuse.

Amirault’s childcare center for working mothers was an early casualty. The brother and sister spent most of their lives in prison and under the cloud as sex offenders, and their mother died in prison or shortly after release.

I researched and covered the case extensively. Real evidence was ignored by prosecutors determined to benefit their own careers by getting the first conviction under the new law. An example of how things are made up is the use of interrogation techniques designed to get children to agree that they have been abused. Videotapes of interviews with children who were allegedly abused showed that the children denied any abuse. Instead of accepting denials, prosecutors manipulated children into believing they had been abused.

I don’t remember if it was the Amirault case or not, but I do remember that in one case I investigated and reported on, claims of children being taken by flying saucers and having knives inserted into their vaginas were actually used as evidence. It was admitted to be an extreme claim, but prosecutors presented it as evidence that something had happened. “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” Jurors were put in an emotional state that avoided media sensationalism.

Just recently, 38 years after their wrongful convictions, Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker pardoned the brothers and sisters for their false convictions. https://www.boston.com/news/crime/2022/11/20/charlie-baker-pardons-fells-acre-daycare-child-sex-abuse-case-gerald-cheryl-violet-amirault-malden/

And so, justice in America only 38 years later when the lives of the Amiraults were destroyed by corrupt prosecutors, corrupt media and stupid judges.

And it wasn’t just the Amiraults. I have investigated, covered and helped expose a number of other fraudulent child abuse cases. Fact, evidence and common sense played no part in the accusations. It was purely out of emotion to prove that parents are abusive as liberals claim.


There was one case where my news was successful – the Wenatchee, Washington, child abuse witch hunt. My articles were about facts, not liberal emotions. My articles, along with articles in the Wall Street Journal and Readers Digest, a popular magazine at the time, resulted in overturning of wrongful convictions. The imprisoned parents were released, but were duped by corrupt prosecutors into signing forms preventing them from returning their children from Child Protective Services. My news brought me bricks from the Wenatchee media, which is committed to convicting innocent parents. The liberals who control the journalism awards didn’t give me an award for exposing the fraud.

Not long after the Wenatchee witch hunt, prosecutors and the media became less eager to jail innocent parents. CPS still exists and I believe receives a federal subsidy for every child it takes from parents, but the framing of innocent parents in front page stories no longer serves as part of a liberal agenda to break up families and demonize parents. Now parents are being demonized for protesting that their children are being taught that they and their parents are racist in taxpayer-funded public schools.

The attack on the parent-child relationship continues.