3 Hypothetical Petr Mrazek Trades

Petr Mrazek’s experiment failed and the Toronto Maple Leafs should take this opportunity to change his contract.

If the regular season started tomorrow, Petr Mrazek would technically be the Toronto Maple Leafs’ starting goalie. However, if this team seriously believes it’s a Stanley Cup contender, that can’t happen.

Injuries were a big factor in Mrazek’s first-year flop in Toronto, but you can’t use that as an excuse. If this was Mrazek’s first injury-prone season in 10 years, we could repeat it, but unfortunately this is his mantra as an NHL goalie.

It’s been six seasons since Mrazek started 50 or more games, so trusting him as the starting goalkeeper seems like a terrible decision.

Even getting 30 games out of it right now is overkill and at $3.8M, you can’t expect it to be healthy. Instead, the team needs to trade him in and get some assets back for him.

Though he’s injury-prone and hasn’t shown he can be a legitimate starter in a few years, he has 295 career starts and another team will take a chance on him. Management is going to say “when he’s healthy” this guy is a starter and can help us win games, and he’ll be traded easily.

As a result, there are some suitors who could be a fit for Mrazek and some intriguing hypothetical trades that could help Toronto as well.

Here are three hypothetical trades involving the Toronto Maple Leafs and Petr Mrazek.

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