2 NFL teams that should hire Sean Payton

(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Sean Payton has been one of the coaches any NFL team could use on their payroll.

Since leaving New Orleans, he has been part of several rumors regarding his return to coaching.

However, a return to the NFL is always a possibility for him, even though he is under contract with the New Orleans Saints until 2024.

If he returns to head coaching, which two NFL teams should take him?

2. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have trouble being a multi-script team.

Because of the turmoil in Cleveland, the team may need better coaching.

Even though Kevin Stefanski came to the Browns to get their first playoff win in decades, he is very predictable.

However, he also has issues with his defense as he is not sacking Joe Woods due to the terrible defensive play he has called this season.

If the Browns acquire Payton, he will have to make tough choices and find the right coaches in Cleveland.

1. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers need a coach with a proven track record to lead the team.

After Matt Rhule was fired, Sean Payton came out and said his coaching job there was “attractive.”

With him thinking that Baker Mayfield is a “great QB,” he could possibly revive Mayfield’s career.

The Panthers still have a solid roster, albeit without some big-name stars.

If they can give the Saints enough to acquire Payton’s rights in 2023, he could help fix their franchise.

However, it will take a long time for this division rival to convince the Saints to own Payton.