11-year-old Filipino boy miraculously survives landslide by sheltering in refrigerator for 20 hours

The 11-year-old suffered a broken leg but is conscious.

An 11-year-old boy survived a landslide in the Philippines by sheltering in a refrigerator for an entire day. According to the New York Post, the boy, named CJ Jasme, was home with his family when a massive mudslide inundated his home in Baybay City, Philippines, on Friday. Authorities discovered Jasme inside the broken appliance while carrying out a rescue operation in Leyte province in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Megi.

With the mudslide invading his home, the quick-thinking 11-year-old jumped into the family refrigerator. He then spent around 20 hours huddled inside the device to protect himself from the storm. Salvation finally came when the rescue team spotted the cooler on the river bank, after which they sent an SOS as another landslide approached.

According to the Mail, police officer Jonas Etis reported that the rescue team evacuated Jasme. They lifted the broken device out of the mud like a coffin, then transferred the 11-year-old boy to a makeshift stretcher. The team said the boy’s first words to them were, “I’m hungry.”

Jasme was conscious and only miraculously broke her leg during the ordeal. They then administered first aid and took him to the hospital, where he underwent surgery for his broken leg.

Currently, the police revealed that the boy is in stable condition. However, they also said that Jasme’s family was out of luck. His mother and his younger brother are still missing, while his father was killed in another landslide that had devastated his house the day before. His 13-year-old brother is believed to have escaped the disaster.

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that after the storm, about 200 villagers were injured in Baybay alone and about 172 people were killed. According to the NY Post, officials have reported that the storm has also forced more than 200 million people to flee the region. Rescue teams are still struggling through mud and unstable piles of earth and debris to find the missing people.

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