10 fights that defined Dillian Whyte’s heavyweight journey so far

1 Tyson Fury (April 2022)

As long-awaited as it may have been, it’s hard to deny that Wyatt didn’t perform as well as he wanted when the opportunity arose to fight Fury for the world heavyweight title. He stopped at six, having only laid one glove on Fury up to that point.

2 Alexander Povetkin II (March 2021)

Eager to avenge his loss to Povetkin in 2020, Whyte managed to finish the Russian faster than he finished the following year, getting the job done in four rounds.

3 Derek Chisora ​​II (December 2018)

Another rematch success, in this meeting, Whyte removed all doubts after his fight with Chisora ​​in 2017, knocking out his fellow Londoner in the 11th round with a left hook as subtle as any professional.

4 Alexander Povetkin I (August 2020)

White, who appeared to be on his way to a world title, took a dramatic turn when Povetkin, who had been knocked down twice in the fourth round, landed a spectacular left uppercut in the fifth to leave Dillian out cold.

5 Joseph Parker (July 2018)

In an entertaining, back-and-forth battle with plenty of ebb and flow, Whyte was able to get the better of Parker and defeat him on points, although he had to pull himself up in the final round to do so. He had taken Parker down twice before; once in the second round and once in the ninth round.

6 Anthony Joshua (December 2015)

Whyte’s first professional loss came in December 2015, when he failed to capitalize on a second-round upset of Joshua and then knocked himself out in the seventh after Joshua attacked.

8 Oscar Rivas (July 2019)

A fight that was marred by post-fight controversy, Wyatt’s decision to beat undefeated Colombian Rivas was a good one at the time, especially considering he had to get up from a ninth-round knockdown to secure it.

7 Derek Chisora ​​I (December 2016)

Whyte’s first fight with Chisora ​​was the beginning of a worthy rivalry between the pair, and it was so close and contested that it perfectly set up the rematch that took place two years later. The outcome of the fight may be controversial, but the fight itself entertained everyone.

9 Lucas Browne (March 2018)

Australian Browne, then undefeated in 25 fights, went into the UK in 2018 with a lot of confidence, but was soon to be replaced by a left hook from Whyte, which ended Browne’s challenge in the 6th round.

10 Robert Helenius (October 2017)

A far cry from vintage Whyte, this fight with Helenius highlighted both his flaws as a fighter and his ability to pull off a win, even if perhaps not the best.